Sakura Festival in 2013

This year we are hoping to expand our horizons through overseas development to broaden recognition of our traditional handmade Japanese dyed products. For our first event , we will introduced our ~Tomoe Sakura 巴桜~ brand. The Sakura Festival, held annually in Washington, D.C., has very long history. In 1912 Tokyo, Japan, gifted 3000 Cherry Trees to the city of Washington D.C. Tomoe Senko Inc. also has a long and successful 105 year history. Our company is proud to be able to present our products for the first time in the "Ginza Market Place" at the Sakura Festival in Washington DC. We are confident that after the American public has the opportunity to view and use our traditional Japanese handcrafted dyed products, you will share our love for life and our joy with sharing Japanese culture with you. We designed and produced each of our Japanese Traditional dyed products to help you truly feel the Japanese mind and spirit.

We also want to keep alive the memory of the terrible event and suffering that occurred in our area of Japan in March 2011, the big earthquake in Tohoku. We strive to support all of the people affected by the earthquake and to revive this region as soon as we can. What we are doing this by going to the areas damaged by the quake and giving away some of our products where they are needed. Some of our products are specifically designed to commemorate this sorrowful experience. Now, the team from Iwate prefecture hopes this will be the year our prayers are answered, and our dream for a new beautiful future becomes a reality! We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and our traditional Somemono.

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