Tomoe Sakura

“Somemono” is the word used to describe traditional handmade Japanese dyed products. For the first time, Tomoe Senko Inc. is proud to introduce our products ~ Tomoe Sakura ~ to our friends in the United States and abroad. Our goal is to bring Japanese culture, tradition, and happiness to as many people as possible. We want you to feel, first hand, through traditional Japanese handcrafted dyed products, our love for life and our joy in sharing the Japanese culture with you. We strive to provide you with the best service possible.

Our customers can order ready made products, or request their own unique individual designs, using materials of your own choosing.

Our company has a very long and historical tradition in Japan. Since our company`s founding in 1908, and continuing with our fifth president, Makoto Tojo, who established a second factory for development, We have made great contributions to the Tohoku area. We are particularly proud of the community assistance we provided after the terrible earthquake that occurred on 11 March 2011. We have continued to do what we can to support the people affected by this tragedy, and to assist with their recovery and revival.

We want to deliver Japanese-Style products to bring joy and harmony to every country we can. We hope that “Somemono” will one day be popular all over the world as a leading provider of Japanese traditional products.

Appearance of the TOMOE SENKO

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