Noren is a Japanese”Curtain” hung at the entrance of stores and restaurants in Japan. They are used as a symbol to identify the store. They are also used to describe the specific atmosphere and purpose of the business. Although mostly used by businesses in Japan, they can easily be used in private homes to impress your guests as a nice design to separate rooms or as window decor. They are made of soft cotton fabric or silk, usually with a simple artistic design or mark and the business stamp, name or symbol.

Customers can choose either a Japanese or Western-style design. Noren will provide your business or home with a relaxed mood and a beautiful, artful, accent and decoration.

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Hanten is light weight, dyed, cotton garments usually worn at traditional Japanese festivals. The Hanten symbolizes the Japanese Heart; hardships knot, spirit, morale, and a relationship to a Group. Although it is very common for Hanten to be worn at Japanese festivals, non Japanese often find them to be a light, comfortable, and beautiful robe to wear at home while relaxing after a hard day at work. They can also be hung as art on walls throughout the home. Our customers can request what materials they would like us to use and how they want the Hanten to be dyed.

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Yukata is an unlined Japanese garment that is usually worn a casual summer kimono. It is very common to wear these items during the summer festival in Japan. Made of cotton or a synthetic fabric, these beautiful traditional Japanese clothing its can be worn by both males and females.

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A Tenugui is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton. It can be used for anything a towel could be used for. Washcloth, dishcloth, headband, souvenir or decoration.

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